Monday, 29 August 2011

Agile software development methodology

At the current environment led to the software industry has experienced rapid and tremendous technological growth and technological progress of recent years, Enterprises and companies from different sectors through the levels, increased investment in Web applications and software solutions for the process easier. The requirements are an essential part of the software product and the success of a product depends largely on the needs. Requirements to questions are often named among the software development risk premium product.

The Agile software development methodology was introduced in 2001 under the Agile Manifesto. Throughout the project, operational requirements and specifications, tasks and priorities may change. In this light, agile methods are considered very useful and practical in this scenario. It consists of software development methodologies that are based on an iterative and incremental development methodology. All development is carried out effective cooperation between little cross-functional teams and self-organized and the client. Provide greater flexibility in the generally project can be divided into smaller phases or steps over time have been assigned, correspondingly. This allows you to complete the whole project more effectively over time. Agile development is driven by a set of beliefs and principles.

Agile software development companies running to be in direct communication with both its programming staff and end users, which helps them to plan and develop the characteristics of your existing software according to customer requirements. Offshore software development company with this methodology focuses on customer needs to deliver the project in minimum time, The extremely thought of an international project for a software development company to reduce the risks faced by developers in project management.

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