Wednesday, 31 August 2011

222 List of High Page Rank Web Directory (PR 3 - 6)

Online-web directory is not a like search engine or does not show lists of website pages based on keywords; in its place, it lists web sites by category and subcategory, nearly all online web directory lists are also not found by web crawlers but by humans. The labeling is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Online-Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion, and have moderator review submissions for fitness.
Mainly the directories are general in scope and list websites across a wide range of categories, regions and languages.
Here is list of 222 online web directories with high page rank - 3 to 6

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Monday, 29 August 2011

Agile software development methodology

At the current environment led to the software industry has experienced rapid and tremendous technological growth and technological progress of recent years, Enterprises and companies from different sectors through the levels, increased investment in Web applications and software solutions for the process easier. The requirements are an essential part of the software product and the success of a product depends largely on the needs. Requirements to questions are often named among the software development risk premium product.

The Agile software development methodology was introduced in 2001 under the Agile Manifesto. Throughout the project, operational requirements and specifications, tasks and priorities may change. In this light, agile methods are considered very useful and practical in this scenario. It consists of software development methodologies that are based on an iterative and incremental development methodology. All development is carried out effective cooperation between little cross-functional teams and self-organized and the client. Provide greater flexibility in the generally project can be divided into smaller phases or steps over time have been assigned, correspondingly. This allows you to complete the whole project more effectively over time. Agile development is driven by a set of beliefs and principles.

Agile software development companies running to be in direct communication with both its programming staff and end users, which helps them to plan and develop the characteristics of your existing software according to customer requirements. Offshore software development company with this methodology focuses on customer needs to deliver the project in minimum time, The extremely thought of an international project for a software development company to reduce the risks faced by developers in project management.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Human Resource Management Software for effective management

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS): In the competitive business world, we can not escape the requirements for the effective management of human resources employees, as a company is predictable. Employees act as a solid foundation and the ultimate key to the success of any business, it is essential that all the doubts and the need is based on the best possible conditions. The work of human resource management is to take care of all methods and functions for the mobilization and development of personnel and human resources with the objective of greater efficiency and productivity within the organization. The need for human resource management is facilitated by the development of effective software systems.

Human Resources Management Software solution offers leading edge of all organizations, whether a small business or a corporate giant, both in areas such as Human Resources and Administration. The software consists of several modules. Software Human Resource Management is a great help to maintain the system of accounting and financial management, attendance, holidays, appointments with your database for the employee's work, and much more. ..

The Advantages of HRM Software are mentioned as below:

  • The system is completely user friendly system
  • The functionality of administration and human resources will be structured with a high level.
  • Data entry will be customizable.
  • The software can track employees and their work too.
  • Cheaper and offers simple billing, invoices and other financial statements.
  • Assist management in making decisions faster
  • Access to information becomes easier
  • An outs salary / pay and leave structure becomes smoother and faster.
  • The employee may have more information online.

Software Features:

  • The software can track employee records.
  • The software allows you to add and maintain an identity service, the names and descriptions.
  • It can generate, maintain and observe a variety of activities and booking details, assign tasks to employees.
  • Keep track of all employee time and attendance.
  • Help to accelerate the successful organization of employees.

We managed to provide human resource management (HRM) software for different customers based on United State, UK, Australia and Canada.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Google Analytics SDK for Android - Version 1.3

New and improved version of the Google Analytics SDK for Android, This release is jam-packed with lots of good fixes, improved methods, and most importantly, better campaign tracking!  Read on for all the juicy details.

General Campaign Tracking
This new feature is probably the most exciting one for this release.  The SDK now supports the ability to set campaign referral information at any time, instead of at installation time.  This gives advertisers the ability to now track ads which lead people to user their app. To learn more about this feature and how to use it, check out the new campaign tracking section in our documentation.

Anonymizing IP Addresses
To provide more privacy to your users, we added a new setAnonymizeIp method in the GoogleAnalyticsTracker class. This removes the last octet of the IP address prior to storage and makes the tracking more anonymous 

Configuring The Sample Rate
If you are getting a large volume of traffic, you can set the tracking sample rate to only send a portion of data to Google Analytics. Once configured, the tracker will decide based on visitor ID whether to send hits.

We are deprecating the start and stop methods in favor of the startNewSession and stopSession. The existing methods will continue to be in the library, so your applications will still work when you upgrade, but we highlight recommend you move to these new methods.
Bug Fixes
In this release we were also able to fix three bugs:

1. We’ve fixed a few issues with how the SDK accesses SQLite. As a result you will see less warnings and the SDK now uses less memory!

2. We’ve fixed a bug that might occur if you’re using custom variables.

3. The tracker no longer uses the application context passed to the SDK when starting up.  This should avoid memory leaks caused by holding Activity Contexts beyond the life of the Activity.

We hope you’ll find this latest version of the Google Analytics SDK for Android to be a big improvement over previous versions.  We also hope you realize we’re committed to making Google Analytics a first class provider of mobile app analytics as well as web analytics.

There’s plenty more coming for the Google Analytics SDKs for both Android and iOS.  Stay tuned.

Posted by Jim Cotugno and Neil Rhodes, Google Analytics Tracking Team

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Keyword stuffing - considered to be black hat seo technique

Keywords stuffing are considered to be black hat seo technique. Keyword stuffing occurs when a web page is loaded with keywords in the web page meta tags or in content. The replication of words in meta tags may explain why many search engines no longer use these tags. Keyword stuffing had been used in the past to gain maximum search engine ranking and visibility for particular keywords. This method is totally outdated and adds no value to rankings today. In exacting, Google no longer gives good rankings to pages employing this technique.

We can do Hiding text from the visitor in many different ways. Text colored to blend with the background, CSS "Z" positioning to place text "at the back" an image — and therefore out of view of the visitor — and CSS absolute positioning to have the text positioned far from the page center are all common techniques. By 2005, many hidden text techniques were easily detected by major search engines. "No script" tags are another way to place hidden content within a page. While they are a valid optimization method for displaying an alternative representation of scripted content, they may be abused, since search engines may index content that is hidden to most visitors.

Occasionally inserted text includes words that are frequently searched (for example, "car") even if these terms have little connection to the page content, to attract traffic to advert-driven pages. In the past, keyword stuffing is considered to be a white hat or black hat technique, depending on the context of the technique, and the opinion of the person judging. While a lot of keyword stuffing is used to help spamdexing, which is of little benefit to the user, keyword stuffing in certain conditions, intended to bias the results in a misleading way. If the keyword has a pejorative or neutral connotation is dependent on whether the practice is used to contaminate the results with pages of little relevance, or to drive traffic to a page of relevance that would otherwise have been downplayed because of the inability of search engine to interpret and understand related ideas. This is no longer the case. Search engines now employ techniques thematic keywords related to the interpretation of the intent of the content of a page.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Leading offshore software and web application Development Company

Leading the development of offshore software development company and web applications based in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Virtueinfo offers customer-oriented web-based software development services, offshore web application development services and website design and most importantly, provides them with success. Whether you are a small business or managing a large business; Virtueinfo is always willing to help achieve an online presence that can offer the best for you and your customers. If you want to offer online services, news, information, products or e-commerce, Virtueinfo can ensure that visitors to your site enjoy an interactive and easy to use and informative.

The skills of specialized programmers, business developers, php web developers, Symfony developers, web designers and software testers can be useful to our largest customer group to develop its website has the extra image in the mind of the visitor. The main objectives of web technologies are Virtueinfo develop and design a website that can leave an impressive image in the user account that can help their clients to get targeted visitors to your website and keep visiting your site regularly.

Virtueinfo believe in long term relationships, although we have to provide a simple solution and services business, our fast service attacks around the world represents itself expressive. Collaboration and the expectation of making a stronger association excellent and we judge ourselves to control the trust of our valuable customers.

A leading offshore web development company offers offshore web development, PHP web development, Symfony development, Drupal development, Hire web developer, iPhone apps , Facebook applications, Social media website design, Zend PHP framework, Cake PHP development, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PHP programming.

Virtueinfo delivers excellence in terms of dedicated and business-centric web development solutions. We are specialized in terms of customized web development services that meet Web 2.0 standards and accommodate scopes for futuristic support. Our team of expert PHP developers,Symfony developers, Drupal Developers and iPhone developers make it possible to achieve web development solutions that are both innovative and highly functional.

Virtueinfo offers excellence in terms of development of dedicated solutions and web-centric business. We specialize in the field of web development services as they meet Web 2.0 standards and accommodate areas of future support. Our expert team of PHP developers, symfony developers, drupal developers and allow iPhone developers make web development solutions that are innovative and highly functional.

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